10 things that money can’t buy

alt=10 things money can't buy
10 things money can’t buy

Some people think life is all about money and money is life. Wrong! There’s more to this guy called life than your balance in the bank. Yes, money is the answer to most necessities of life, but there many things that money can’t buy.

Here are ten things that money can’t buy:

1. Manners

It doesn’t cost a dime to be decent to people around you. How many times have you entered a room crowded with elderly people and didn’t bother to greet them?

Some people fail to even greet someone whom they sit next to in a taxi, forgetting that should there be an accident, your neighbor might save your life. Manners are learnt and not bought.

2. Morals

Morals such as respect, honesty, loyalty and many others need to be internalized for a person to be able to live with others.

This is because at some point, we can’t live without each other and we need each other to run this race of life.

Haven’t you see how wild and reckless people without morals live? They’re a disgrace in society and not ideal role models.

3. Respect

You don’t need to fork out a fortune to gain respect, you only need to learn it, earn it and practice it.

Respect is seen in the way you speak to and about others as well as the way you behave. When you can’t respect yourself you will never respect anyone and not even your money can save you from this tragedy.

4. Character

Can you buy character? No. You work at it and develop it. Your money only complements the real nature of your being.

Money doesn’t change people, it only brings out the real you. When you don’t know your character, you’ll imitate other people’s. When you have no character your own money will enslave you.

5. Common sense

Sometimes people’s stupidity and foolishness isn’t caused by demons. It’s simply lack of common sense.

People are lazy to think and use their brain effectively on simple matters. You know it’s a one way drive and you are opposing it. When you crush, you blame demons, really?

6. Trust

Don’t force people to trust you. They’re not obliged to unless you give them a reason or prove it to them that you are worthy trusting.

Trust arises out of positive action. Not words. Trust is very difficult to earn, and to maintain but very easy to lose.

7. Patience

Are you always in a hurry? It’s time to slow down and learn some patience. Patience is a practical virtue you ought to master because delays are inevitable in your journey of life. Mastering patience is a sign of maturity.

8. Class

The quality of the life you’re living should be an independent entity without exterior taints and negative influence.

Your class should be at the level where you can afford to maintain and must be authentic. Don’t be a chameleon: changing yourself to submit to the status quo.

9. Integrity

What flavor does your life give? Does your life impact others in a positive way? Do people see you as a person of caliber?

Do you do what you say and say what you do? Can people trust you? Integrity cannot be bought by your six figure bank balance.

10. Love

Maybe money can buy happiness but how genuine is that happiness? Money and love cannot dance on the same stage.

If love tries to dance on the same stage with money, the future of that partnership is futility. Learn to love yourself first and then it will be easy to love others.

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