Quit these 10 things if you want to be great

It’s time to quit. Life is a journey. Life is a process of discovery. The more we discover the more we learn and the more we learn, the more we grow. When we fail to learn we fail to grow and when we don’t grow life becomes meaningless, boring and tasteless.

10 things you must quit now to be great

As you grow, you realise that there’s a lot to learn and some of these lessons demand that we let go of our previous beliefs and habits. Why? Because new and old are water and oil. One has to submit to the other. We have to quit the old to receive the new.

Daily, life presents us with opportunities to grow, to learn and to discover. How we respond to these opportunities determines the quality of our lives and the flavour it gives to others. Like it or not, how we respond to opportunities determines our failures and successes.

For some, opportunities pass them by because they’re not willing to let go of their old beliefs which seems and feels comfortable and safe. They fail to realise that they’re only robbing themselves of a chance to dine in the land of milk and honey.

Here are ten things you must quit to be great:

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