3 lies you’ve been taught about money

alt=are you speaking the language of cash?
Are you speaking the language of cash?

What happens when your head is full of lies about money? You also eat the fruit of those lies. Everything important factor in life has principles and when those principles are implemented, there’s surely a positive outcome.

There are common lies about money which many people have internalized and these lies Rob them of creating financial assets that can last for generations.

1. Cash is evil

alt=do you believe cash is evil?
Do you believe cash is evil?

People who believe this sentiment see money as an enemy. As a result, they hate rich people and they despise anything to do with money and wealth. Money is not evil. The love of it is the root of all evil.

2. Only the corrupt can be rich

alt=only the corrupt can be rich? Really?
Only the corrupt can be rich? Really?

These people don’t believe that you can be rich without breaking the law. They think that you have to be a criminal, drug lord, greedy politician and dishonest businessperson to be rich. They shun financial literacy and condemn anyone who tries to work hard to attain wealth.

3. Saving is the only way to get Rich

Such people have an old fashioned mindset. They fail to realize that the rules of money have changed. Saving your way to wealth was possible in the past but not in the 21st century. Try saving now and you might die before you even attain wealth. You’re not wise if you still believe in saving to wealth.

alt=Can saving make you rich?
Can saving make you rich?

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