3 people to never forget in your life

Alt=3 people to never forget in your life
3 people to never forget in your life

We all need someone to lean on. No man is an island. To succeed in this life, you may need people to lend their contribution. Along the ladder to success you will meet men and women, young and old who’ll play a role.

Some people will sharpen and make you stronger and better. Others will try to use you while some will try to break you. Success is achieved for a purpose.

When you have bitten your own share of success don’t forget to remember all the people you have met in your journey and see how each one of them impacted you.

These are 3 types of people you shouldn’t forget:

1. People who helped you in difficult times

Remember when you were broke? Your best friend bailed you out. Remember when were fired at work? Your uncle gave you a shoulder to cry on.

Remember when your parents rejected you? Your boyfriend came through for you. Never forget such people and resort to reward them if you can.

2. People who left you in difficult times

Life is nice and juicy when all is well. Your friends always praise you because you always sponsor the bill when you guys go out every Friday.

You think they love you until difficult times show up. Without warning, they aren’t coming to visit you again, they’re not picking your calls and they now avoid you.

Don’t hate them. God allowed it to teach you a priceless lesson about life and friendship.

3. People who put you in difficult times

We all have made foolish decisions before. A smooth talker convinced you to do something for a certain reward but it never happened.

You found yourself caught up in the pit while the intruder vanished into thin air. Someone stole from you and you found yourself broke, someone falsely accused you and you were fired at work. Never forget these people because what they put you through made you more wiser.

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