3 Reasons why lies have short legs

alt=3 Reasons why lies have short legs
3 Reasons why lying has short legs

Some people are gifted liars and you might be one of them. Every day they breathe and survive on lying. Lying has become a habit and perhaps a lifestyle in their lives. But why do people find pleasure in telling lies and living with lies?

Everyone speaks a lie to his neighbour. Some even claim that it was a slip of the tongue. There is no such. Some families’ prominence is founded on lies and falsehood. Sadly, some people take these secretive lies to the grave. 

There are also wealthy people and people of high calibre in terms of position in society who acquired their success through lying. Signing fraudulent documents and bribing others for special favours are all acts of deception. 

Let’s clear some air: lying has consequences. The danger is that we may not know when the consequences will come and in which form as well as the degree thereof. A seemingly little lie can wreck a family and terrify a home. Truly lying has short legs. 

Here’s why:

1. Lies are seeds

When you plant a seed, it will germinate and produce fruits. Lies do work in the same philosophy. When you speak a lie today, it may not have immediate consequences, but it doesn’t mean that consequences won’t come.

Take for instance a girl who lies to her parents that she’s not pregnant even though she knows that she had unprotected sex with Sdumo. As the tummy expands, the truth becomes bare and her lie is exposed too. 

alt=3 Reasons why lies have short legs
3 Reasons why lying has short legs

2. Lies are heavy burdens

Lying can be a heavy burden. People who keep secretive lies rarely live a peaceful, healthy and free life. They are scared that anytime their lie might be discovered and they’ll face the inevitable consequences. People who lie are rarely happy.

Their guilt conscious builds a wall in their mind and prohibits them from being happy. Moreover, these secretive lies often lead to unnecessary chronic illnesses such as depression, high blood pressure, heart diseases, etc. 

alt=3 Reasons why lies have short legs
3 Reasons why lying has short legs

3. Lies are chains

Since lying is seeding, this means the ones who harbours them must water them for as long as God knows. The justifiable reasons for lying Don’t always bring beneficial results in the end. These results are the fruits of the dishonesty. When that girl who claimed to not being pregnant has a bigger tummy that proves that she was lying, Shame and disgrace might result and on a larger degree.

The systematic nature of lying demands its members to tell more lies to cover up for the other lies. This creates a cyclical chain of dishonesty embodying more lies. You might think that you can handle this lie but you might be lying to yourself because you just don’t know how far this lie will go and how much maintenance service it’ll demand from you in the long run.

alt=3 Reasons why lies have short legs
3 Reasons why lying has short legs

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