3 rules to happiness

Alt=3 rules to happiness
3 rules to happiness

Who doesn’t want to be happy? Every person deserves to be happy. In fact, every living human being has a birthright to be happy. However, happiness isn’t automatic.

A person chooses to be happy. You have to work on acquiring your own happiness individually. There are people who believe that being happy depends on outward happenings and experiences. Some believe that they can only be happy when someone makes them happy. This is nothing but deception.

Some think that it is only Money or material abundance that can make them happy. The truth of the matter is that happiness is an inward treasure that can only be found within. If you can’t make yourself happy, no one can.

Here are 3 rules of happiness:

1. Don’t hate

To be more happy, stay away from hatred. Be quick to forgive and slow to anger. Too much hatred will pollute your heart and give all you the persuasive reasons to be sad.

Choose to love than to hate. Happy people are loving people. Loving people are happy people.

2. Don’t worry

Worrying doesn’t change anything unless you act upon the situation. If you want to be miserable and unhappy, worry about the things you don’t have and can’t change. Worrying is a biggest thief of happiness.

3. Give more

There’s joy when you share the little or much you have. It Makes life beautiful, fun, satisfying and worth living.

The thought of having helped someone through your giving fulfils your heart with extra ordinary happiness.

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