3 types of toxic friends you must never have

alt=what impact does your friend has on you?
what impact does your friend has on you?

It’s very painful to see people living a life of rags, regret and mediocre not because they want to but because of negative influence from their so called friends. Time and time again, people lose their identity, forsake their impeccable goals and abandon the meaning of life due to wrong friends.

Do you know that there are people living on the streets today because of negative friendships? That’s how serious this dilemma is. As you have heard, we cannot choose family but we can choose friends.

It’s paramount to understand that there are good friends and bad friends. It’s unfortunate that the bad friends don’t come with a note that says ‘I am a bad friend’ on their foreheads. They also have a charming smile, smooth tongue, a colourful charisma and even a fat wallet (Lol).

Whether you know it or not, Whom you choose to be your friend will influence you in some way. There’s no neutral friendship. There are people whom you deem as friends but they’re actually your enemies.

alt=does your friend have your best interest at heart?
does your friend have your best interest at heart?

Why is it so? Because their negative influence and inevitable destruction is indirect and certainly not immediate. You can have a bad friend for ten years without realising it, and you’ll be busy boasting that you have a best friend in the world yet they’re only sucking you dry silently and surely.

Why do children change character when they reach university or college? It’s because they have met a new so called best friend who’s influencing them. Bad friends come with good intentions but their weapon of destruction is worse than the sunk titanic. You will have to look deeper than the external charisma your so called friend is displaying. Anyone can pretend to be anything just to win your heart for destruction purposes.

Actually, do you know that there are people who pride themselves in making countless friends and influence them wrongly? Yes, they derive pleasure from misleading, deceiving and manipulating others because it gives them a sense of achievement and prestige.

It’s Time to wake up! Here are 3 types of toxic friends you must run away from:

They take but don’t give

These are witches who wear angelic garments. They’re very dangerous because they have studied you, so they know which buttons to press to have you in their bag. When you get in their bag, they hook you and suck you dry. They demand your attention every second and often use their insecurities to lure you to their arms.

They may use emotional blackmail and control to manipulate you. People have lost a lot of money due to such friends. You do the giving and they just suck you dry – including your Bank balance.

They talk but don’t do

alt=a friend that only takes from you is no good at all
a friend that only takes from you is no good at all

These are immature friends, too lazy or spoiled to make something out of their lives. They do a lot of talking but zero action. They are good liars. They promise much and do little to nothing. They have a sweet tongue to persuade you to their games of manipulation. They blame everyone including the government, the president, their family, background, God but themselves.

They have believable justifications why they can’t succeed. They’re happy and comfortable with a poor standard of living because apparently it’s not their fault. Oh, did I also mention that they’re also talented gossipers?

They are wild but don’t care

alt=wild fiends don't add value to you in any way
wild fiends don’t add value to you in any way

Then we have these careless friends who give anything to enjoy the pleasure of the moment. They don’t care about the consequences of their actions – they want to enjoy life at any expense including their very own life. They have no discipline. They think life is a playground. They’re deceived. They don’t have money, but they have money to drink every weekend.

They’re working but they’re always broke because they have multiple girlfriends who don’t come cheap at all. They ignore parental advice and choose to fulfil their evil and selfish desires. They have no direction or purpose of life. Oh, shame to thee!

alt=everyone needs a friend. Choose wisely.
everyone needs a friend. Choose wisely.


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