4 Reasons why people don’t like you

alt=4 reasons why people don't like you
4 reasons why people don’t like you

So you have realised that people don’t like you. Have you discovered why? It is in human nature to desire being loved and to love others. Rejection, no matter how little is terrible and unacceptable to anyone. Feelings of loneliness can invite a deep void whose unfortunate result is depression and anxiety.

When you come to know that people don’t like you for whatever reason, you might end up disliking yourself too because you have believed that little voice inside of you saying that you are unlikable.

It’s paramount to understand that every person is different and we shouldn’t treat each other with a one size fits all approach. For example, there are people who are extremely too shy to even greet the person sitting next to them and if we don’t try to find out why they are too shy to greet their neighbour, we might interpret their silence as rudeness and pride.

Truth is, there’s a reason why this person is as shy as they behave. Perhaps their past experiences have played a role in this, or what they’ve been told and taught about themselves or others.

Nevertheless, if people don’t like you there’s a reason. People don’t wake up and decide to dislike a person knowing very well that they won’t benefit anything from it. Let’s remind each other: what you reflect outside determines the degree to which people will like you or not. That’s an imperative principle.

This also means that you should treat others as you would like to be treated as well. Let’s be realistic again; we do have people who dislike others for petty and useless reasons. For example, someone can dislike you because you are more beautiful and smarter than them. That’s very stupid and that’s not what we’re talking about here.

If wherever you go, you always find yourself disliked by everyone, you might need to look on the mirror and do an introspection. You might be the problem to your own problem.

Here are reasons why people don’t like you:

1. You believe so

4 reasons why people don’t like you

Like it or not, what you believe about yourself is exactly what you receive back to you. If you believe people don’t like you, then you’ll be forced to think, speak and behave in a way that reflects that belief.

This means that even if someone tries to reach out to you, you might shut them out. Most of the time, people who have such belief struggle with rejection.

They’re always drowning in the void and inner trauma that they have created themselves as a result of past negative experiences.

2. You think you’re better than others

alt=4 reasons why people don't like you
4 reasons why people don’t like you

Then we have these proud, spoilt, aggressive and naive guys who believe that they’re better than everyone else in town.

They don’t talk to everyone – they have their own certain people they speak to because apparently not everyone is worth a conversation with them.

They are good at bragging, competing, criticizing and gloating. They may think they’re better than others due to their exceptional Beauty, intelligence and wealth. Wise people distance themselves from such persons because they’re superficial and shallow.

3. You don’t show interest in others

alt=4 reasons why people don't like you
4 reasons why people don’t like you

Relationships are two way agreements based on mutual connections and trust. You have to realise that you need to learn to interact with others as others interact with you.

Don’t expect people to be running to you all the time as if you are Queen Elizabeth. Reach out to others, connect, befriend and converse. When you don’t show interest in others you are giving an impression that you don’t like people, you don’t trust them and they shouldn’t trust you too.

When people realise this they won’t come near you, they’ll fear you for the mystery you are displaying outside. People don’t like a person who is too uptight, not open minded and not transparent. It’s a boring negative vibe.

4. You have a negative habit/trait

alt=4 reasons why people don't like you
4 reasons why people don’t like you

Everyone desires a genuine friend by their side, not a loud, irresponsible and selfish idiot. People like to hang around with people whom they deem inspirational, passionate and fun to hang around with.

Once you have a negative trait and habit, only idiots will like you. Why do people dislike a person with a negative habit or trait? They don’t want to be influenced negatively.

For example, if you are a famous womaniser, you might be interesting to the fools you call friends but in the long run it will work against you. Negative habits such as gossip, lying, stealing, cheating, fighting, disrespect, rudeness, greed, jealousy and others, will definitely make people dislike you.


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