4 reasons why you easily give up

Alt=4 reasons why you easily give up
4 reasons why you easily give up

Some people are used to having their own way and that makes it hard for them to cope to reality. It’s either their way or no way. As such, when they’re challenged they easily throw in the towel.

There’s a reason for this, but just to clear the air, giving up never makes you a Victor unless you are giving up a negative habit like smoking. Quitters rarely win.

The saddest thing is that many people give up when they’re at the edge of success and when success is only a breath or just a step away. Such people start but don’t finish anything.

Here are reasons why people give up easily:

1. They don’t have the inner strength

People who easily give up lack the strength to deal with new pressures and challenges that suddenly knock on their door.

What they fail to realise is that this strength can only be acquired by experiencing these tough times and learning from them.

Sometimes their negative past comes back to haunt them and they fall for the trap. So they rather remain the same while nursing their weaknesses and failures.

2. Spoilt brats

People who are spoiled are used to easy ways and quick fixes. They’re convinced by whoever spoiled them in whatever way that life is a fixed milk and honey experience.

Their inner strength and potential remains domant within them. Patience and endurance doesn’t exist in their world.

3. Negative influence

There are friends who are devoted to sponsoring a party for quitters.

They are professionals when it comes to giving advice that persuades you to give up, walk away and dump it off. Such people don’t have your best interest at heart but theirs only.

4. No support

Everyone needs someone to encourage them and boost their faith and hope. A single positive word may be enough for someone to rise up again.

When you don’t have someone to hold your hand when things are tough – you’re likely to give up easily. Associate yourself with people who love, and support you and who believe in you. Spiritual encouragement is priceless and necessary.

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