4 signs that prove you’re lazy

alt=4 signs that prove you're lazy
4 signs that prove you’re lazy

Are you a lazy person? How do people end up living in rags in old age? They wasted their youth on useless things. Now reality has hit them hard on the face. Laziness is an enemy of productivity.

Why are people lazy to work hard to make their dreams a reality? They think they’re in control of their tomorrow. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed and all we have is today.

Laziness always has terrible consequences on a person’s life. There’s nothing painful than being unable to provide for your family as a parent.

Avoiding laziness is beginning of walking the path towards greatness. Comfort is an enemy of progress. Why do you celebrate leisure and condemn hardwork?

Here are signs that show that you are a lazy person:

1. Procrastinate

This means you are a time waster, always postponing and delaying things. You lack the discipline to follow your goals and no wander you fail to achieve your goals.

2. Poor time management

Why are you always late? Late for work, school, church, appointments and deadlines? They have even given you a name: “Mr/Mrs latecomer.” You are only doing your integrity a disservice.

3. Sleep is your best friend

You’re in love with sleep that you don’t mind sleeping the whole day in the name of resting. While others are hustling, pushing and pulling some heavy efforts, you prefer to dine with sleep.

4. Leisure lover

You always find an easy way to do things. Anything that has to do with hard-work, taking responsibility has no room in your world.

You prefer leisure, pleasure, comfort and immediate gratification at the expense of working hard. You need serious help.

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