4 signs that prove you’re not wise

alt=how much wisdom do you have?
are you a wise or foolish fellow?

Are you wise or foolish? A person’s wisdom or stupidity is seen by their speech and most importantly, their actions. It’s possible to be full of wisdom in the head and act otherwise.

The problem here is that the person’s will isn’t geared, prepared and courageous enough to manifest their wisdom practically. However, most people act stupidly because of ignorance, and lack of knowledge.

Since it’s paramount that every decision has consequences, it’s wise to take a break and find out wisdom about that situation before acting. Some predicaments we find ourselves in can be avoided by simply inquiring some wisdom thereof.

alt=wisdom or foolishness?
wisdom or foolishness?

These are signs that show you aren’t wise:

1. You’re quick to speak

alt=does your mouth needs a stopper?
does your mouth needs a stopper?

I read somewhere in the holy book where it asserted that a foolish woman is noisy. This doesn’t include women only. A noisy person is one who’s quick to run their mouth before they think or find out wisdom and truth. This is the root of gossip and other perversion.

2. You’re quick to act

alt=do you act in wisdom or foolishness?
do you act in wisdom or foolishness?

Decisions taken in a hurry often bring terrible results. Yes, speed kills. Prevention is better than cure. Before you decide to travel abroad for a vacation, you would prepare thoroughly and make sure you know where you are going and why you’re going there. The same goes for decision-making.

3. You’re quick to blame

alt=do you act in wisdom or foolishness?
only a fool blames others

When you shift blame, you have washed away responsibility – forget about change. There are people who are professionals at blaming others for their own mistakes and wrongdoing. The ‘I am right always syndrome’ often robs people of the opportunity to grow, progress and change.

4. You’re quick to give up

alt=do you act in wisdom or foolishness?
do you easily throw in the towel?

Who told you that life is easy? Anyone who tells you that you can have an easy life in this world is only being a snake. Seeking an easy life, giving up quickly and taking shortcuts is a sign of immaturity and foolishness. Hard-work and dedication is a necessary ingredient to achieve your goals. You’re not wise if you quickly throw in the towel before seeing the results of your efforts.


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