5 consequences of holding on to the past

alt=let go of the past
whatever happened, let it go

Happy New Year! Everyday, all of us have a choice to either move forward and slide along with the present or make the past a permanent obstacle to go beyond. Most people can’t cope to the present because they have married their yesterday for good.

Some have allowed the past to limit their capabilities and potential. Failing to deal with yesterday demons will always make the past your master and subsequently, the past has the power to haunt you.

Why do people prefer to hide in the box of yesterday? It’s because of the false sense of comfort, security and safety in it. To some people, the pain and trauma of yestreday is always a barrier that prevents them from necessary growth.

1. Happiness is impossible

alt=let the past go
your history can steal your current happiness

Holding on to the pain of the yesterday robs you of your happiness. Why? Because you always fear that what happened in the past will happen again.

2. You can’t forgive

alt-your past can force you to be unforgiving
holding unforgiveness isn’t worth it.

Because of what happened in the past, you have hardened your heart. The bitterness you have can not allow you to forgive because of what you went through in the past.

3. Young but old

alt-let the past go
you look older than your actual age – you may be a slave to your past

Haven’t you seen people who look 70 years old yet they’re only 30? Why? It’s because of the heavy burdens of the past that they’re carrying.

4. Doctor’s friend

alt=let the past go
always sick? have you made peace with what happened?

Why do people visit the doctor as if they are visiting the toilet? Do you think they enjoy it? The toxic burden of the past is crippling their health and it’s not funny at all.

5. Success is a mirage

Because of the disappointments and failures of yesterday, you fear taking risks that may lead you to your destiny. As such, you settle for mediocrity, average and the uncomfortable.

alt=let the past go
failure will always be your second name if you don’t let go of yesterday traumas
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