5 must-know benefits of failure

alt=failing is not the end of the world
failing is not the end of the world

It’s time to embrace failure. If you have never failed in your entire life, blessed are you. But to be honest, you haven’t experienced the reality of life if you haven’t tasted failure. So brace yourself for failure and find a way to deal with it. Perfection is something that human beings were deprived of by the Creator and it is for a reason. The reality of life allows us to make mistakes and fail here and there so that we learn and grow into new and valuable levels.

Some fear failure while some fear success itself. It’s unfortunate that the chains of the fear of failure can prevent one from tasting real and satisfying success. As such, we have people who think they’re not worthy to succeed because seemingly failure keeps on breathing down their necks.

alt=failing is not the end of the world
failing is not the end of the world

It’s never too late to turn your life around and make it a story of rags to riches, and failure to success. But I won’t lie to you: you ought to fail for you to be elevated to higher heights. Some failures are painful. They’ll leave you hopeless, discouraged and depressed, but you’ve got to prove how much of a bad-ass you are.

Dodging failure is not the way to win, but facing failure face to face without being defeated is the path to victory. We all want to succeed and live that glitz and glamour lifestyle, but between now and that lifestyle, there’s the unknown. And in this unknown, there’s possibility of failure. But you decide how take it.

alt=after failure, success comes.
after failure, success comes.

Failure builds character

Like or not, you need a suitable character to succeed and maintain that success. Why do people grow wings when they attain little success? They think they have arrived. Failure will teach you that humility is a valuable virtue than the wings of your ego or the luxury of your achievements. It will teach you that people are the most valuable assets – not your money. It will teach you that inner peace and fulfilment cannot be bought by your fat Bank account but by serving others with your purpose and passion.

Failure makes you wise

Haven’t you heard of stories of uncles and aunts who became overnight success and all of a sudden fell from grace? Yes, you know such disrtubing tales. But we also have stories of people who come from filthy and undesirable backgrounds and worst experiences making it to the limelight. You see, success never stays in the bosom of fools.

Yes, fools may hijack success abruptly but they won’t maintain it in the long run. They just don’t have what it takes to do so. By failing you learn from your mistakes and seek to improve your craft so that you do better Tomorrow. And when you learn from your mistakes you’re actually piling wisdom.

alt=failing is not the end of the world
failing is not the end of the world

Failure clears your vision

Know this: all successful gurus you see today have failed once or twice in their lives. For them to arrive where they are now, they had to define their purpose, define their identity and the value of their purpose to humanity. Every achiever is led by a vision or some dream. This is the foundation of every achievement. Difficulties and challenges will arise to test the genuineness of your vision or dream.

If your vision is not real because you copied it from someone else or because it’s driven by envy, greed and jealousy – it’ll not stand the test of time. But if it’s genuine, it will be polished, refined and become more transparent for you to pursue.

alt=chill, you've got this!
chill, you’ve got this!

Failure motivates

It is in worst moments of our lives that we discover our strengths and weaknesses as well the invincibility of our capabilities. Most people discover their greatness in hopeless situations and they choose to see the good in the bad they find themselves in. Hope is born when one sees a positive tomorrow that is opposite to the negative of today.

This hope then marries the imaginary picture of your dreams and you soon realise that there’s a brighter future for you beyond the dark moments of the now. As such you become more hungrier, more ambitious, more eager and determined to achieve that extraordinary goal. Here, you have turned your failure into a Step ladder towards your great dream. How amazing is that!

Failure prepares you

alt=failing is not the end of the world
smile, success is around the corner

No one under the sun will succeed easily just like that unless your father is a Bill Gates – then you’ll just have to inherit the silver and gold. The journey of success is a personal one that demands tenacity and your cooperation to see the dream come to pass. You can’t wake up from your glorious dream and find yourself in the palace. There’s work to be done. There are things you’ve got learn and let go of.

For instance, the friends you have now might be enemies to your progress. So what will happen? Failure will land in your yard to chase away your wrong friends so that you wake up. When they’re gone, only then you’ll discover your potential.

By failing, you master priceless spiritual, emotional and physical strength you’ll need in the long run. This is only a preparation for your great dream – a necessary foundation to stabilise your great dream. As you know, the deeper the foundation the taller the building. One word is enough to the wise.

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