5 Signs of a healthy family

alt=healthy families
healthy families

For many years now, the impact of families in society remains paramount and solid. A stronger and principled family can make a solid society. Success and growth will be inevitable to such a society.

In the same vein, unhealthy families will damage a society through negative influence. As you know, the root is to blame for the condition of the branches, leaves and fruits or lack thereof.

People are so much concerned about changing the situation of a country at the top leadership level forgetting to deal with the overall root cause which is in the family level. When people don’t have jobs, they often March to the president’s office, likewise when they demand service delivery or when they are victims of malicious crimes.

Let’s talk about the current nightmare of gender based violence. Citizens are even blaming the ruling party and its leadership for failing to stop this nightmare. Hence the endless protests and marchs.

But how much really can our government do to stop the nightmare of gender based violence? Little if not nothing. This little involves toughening the laws and punishment against the perpetrators. Yet, that’s still not enough! Like it or not, it’s not enough.

We need to confront the violence roots within our families and seek to eliminate them as soon as possible because this is where everything wonderful or malicious begins. If fathers and mothers constantly teach and advise their children to shun violence and rather choose love, generosity and forgiveness – we’ll be one step closer to our goal of a lovely and peaceful society.

No matter which family you were born in, you have been influenced by the culture and systems of that family either in a positive or negative way. Nevertheless, we should strive to build sound and impeccable families for the sake of the well-being of our society.

Here are signs of a healthy family:

1. I love you

alt=healthy families
healthy families

Love is the first rule and cannot be compromised. If love doesn’t exist, then there can never be a relationship. If there’s no relationship families can never exist.

Love perfects a family because it overlooks the wrongs and errors of an individual. Love chooses to embrace instead of condemning, criticizing, beating and dividing. This ingredient can make a family Solid regardless of their financial status. In fact, a family that loves each other Will rarely experience lack of any form.

2. I forgive you

healthy families
healthy families

We need to remind ourselves each day that we are all on a road to perfection and none of us have arrived yet. Along the road, mistakes are inevitable. You will be offended and you will offend others. Yet we all have a choice whether to forgive or conceal the grudge in the depths of our hearts.

A family that has Mastered genuine forgiveness cannot be defeated by any storm or opposition. Parents have a role to teach their children the value of forgiveness and why it’s dangerous to keep a grudge.

3. Two are better than one

alt=healthy families
healthy families

Haven’t you seen families where division is right at the centre? Parents rejecting children? Children rebelling against parents? Children alienating themselves from their blood relatives? Yeah, it’s a mess!

Remember always that a divided home cannot stand. Unity is key to establish a healthy family. Unity must be emphasised and practised.

If children can understand the importance of supporting one another, standing for each other and being there for one another in word and in deed – our society will become a heaven on earth.

4. Let’s talk about it

alt=healthy families
healthy families

Be warned: silence doesn’t mean you are at peace. It may actually mean you are too scared to express yourself that you have found comfort in bottling your issues within yourself.

This isn’t healthy for you personally and your family as well. Families must learn to communicate transparently to each other. Children mustn’t be scared or intimidated to express themselves verbally to their parents.

Communication can actually build trust and honesty in a family, but a family dominated by fear, anger, inner hurts and unsolved internal troubles is only a time ticking bomb.

5. Let’s pray about it

healthy families
healthy families

We can talk about all requirements for a perfect family, but if God isn’t involved that family is heading towards disaster. When a family honours God together as one, praying together, the devilish tendencies and habits will find no room in such a family. A solid spiritual pillar is needed to defend the family from spiritual vultures.

When God is part of a family, the society of that family will benefit from this grace and favour emanating from this Godly family. A Godly family will give birth to a Godly society.

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