5 signs that prove you don’t love yourself

alt=5 signs that prove you don't love yourself
5 signs that prove you hate yourself

It’s impossible to love others when you hate yourself. Yes, you can’t give what you don’t have. In fact, when you don’t love yourself, you cannot love the next person, you can’t feel or receive love.

Loving yourself doesn’t refer to pride, ego and charisma. It’s a personal decision to accept and appreciate what you are, what you have and who you can be. Loving yourself doesn’t mean being inferior, mediocre or reducing yourself to self pity, it’s the other way around. People who don’t love themselves don’t go around shouting that they don’t love themselves. You can see them by the way they behave, speak and relate to others.

Here are the signs:

1. You don’t believe in yourself

alt=5 signs that prove you hate yourself
5 signs that prove you hate yourself

Where love is absent, fear has taken over. Love erases all manner of fear and disbelief about yourself and capabilities.If you don’t believe that you’re worthy of making it, you haven’t fallen in love with your potential. Take a journey to self.

2. You are careless with your life

Your life has no meaning, you know it and you don’t care. You have no reason to live so you are just existing.You have fallen in love with alcohol, partying, sexual perversion, material obsession more than yourself. Why are you abusing yourself? It’s because you hate yourself hence you’re doing things that are harmful to you.

3. You listen to haters

alt=5 signs that prove you hate yourself
5 signs that prove you hate yourself

Strangely, you have believed your haters and you’re finally eating on the Same table with them. They dictate the errands of your life and you foolishly find no fault in that. What you don’t know is that they still hate you and Never wish the best for you yet you think they love you.

When are you going divorce your marriage with the voices of negativity from your haters? The day you decide to fall in love with yourself genuinely.

4. You don’t forgive yourself

alt=5 signs that prove you hate yourself
5 signs that prove you hate yourself

Are you aware that holding grudges can make you sick? Fine, you were betrayed, you were hurt, abused and sabotaged. Guess what? It didn’t happen by chance. It had to happen. You’re not the first and last person to be hurt in this way. Be in love with yourself enough to be quick to forgive and slow to anger. You need to find a way to face offence without letting it enslave it.

5. You’re disconnected from your maker

alt=5 signs that prove you hate yourself
5 signs that prove you hate yourself

Because you hate yourself, it’s impossible for you to love your maker, God Almighty. You have started seeing him as the overall enemy as well as all of His creation. God doesn’t hate you. Your mind has deceived you. You are only hurting yourself the more by distancing yourself from God. The maker of heaven and earth knows the number of your hairs and he surely has a way to rescue you from that crisis.


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