5 things you must keep as secrets in your life

alt=5 things you must hide from others
5 things you must hide from others

It’s time to keep a secret. It’s not wise to have a big mouth in this world because it might work against you. This world is full of talkers and few doers. Why do people boasts in words and not action?

It is because they enjoy impressing others with their speech. Such people are called smooth talkers. As the cliché goes, empty vessels make noise.

The solution: work hard in silence and shock them with the results. Words can’t shock people because talking is easy, cheap and anyone can run their mouth.

By talking too much, you create unnecessary enemies prematurely. These enemies may prevail against you because you exposed yourself or your vision too soon.

Haven’t you heard of witches? They do exist. They can crush your goals before they even take off. This world isn’t a playground. Don’t be careless.

never expose your secrets to anyone

5 things you must keep as a secret:

1. Your bank account

Some people are full of jealousy that can cripple your financial status. Don’t go around preaching to people about your bank balance. It’s not for everyone to know.

2. Your business goals

People love to copy and imitate. There are Dream and goals thieves. They steal people’s ideas and opportunities. Don’t tell them. Let them see the fruits.

3. The favours you’ve done

It’s a sign of pride and egotistical tendencies to go around telling people the good you’ve done for others.

Unless you’re asked, don’t mention it. They’ll know it if they have to. It’s better for them to hear it from someone else. Bragging isn’t cute.

4. Your greatest strengths

Don’t try to impress people with your strengths because they might create a plot to eliminate them. Selling and advertising your strong ammunition and weapons to your enemy is not wisdom.

5. Your fears

Your fears are yours. Don’t advertise them. They could be a weak link that could jeopardize your plans. You should be striving to defeat your fears not glorifying them.

alt=don't be quick to impress people about your secrets
keep it shut

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