6 facts rich people don’t want you to know

alt=6 facts rich people don't want you to know
6 facts rich people don’t want you to know

They saying remains true: if you cannot beat them, join them. If you want to be rich, it’s pointless to hate rich people. You must be open minded enough to learn from them and understand the game of wealth.

It’s saddening that we still have people who accuse all rich people to be evil and greedy. Unless you have the evidence, don’t say such accusations because you are only fooling yourself.

You must be willing to embrace an achiever for you to achieve. When you condemn or try to bring down an achiever, success will be a mirage to you. You can never be in authority if you’ve never been under authority.

Then we have people who are intimidated by wealth and riches. They have associated wealth with all terminologies of evil and malice yet deep down in their hearts they do desire it. As a result, they remain in their box of mediocrity and fail to advance ahead despite having received a lucrative opportunity.

Those who fear failure cannot handle success. It is failure that prepares one for the world of wealth and success. Those who fear success may taste success for a while but they can’t maintain it beyond.

Just like anything else, there are rules and principles of acquiring wealth. For starters, it’s good to remember that a salary will not lead you to the millionaire land and you can’t save your way to wealth land – unless you’re a thief.

These are secrets of wealth that most rich people hide from you:

  • 1. You won’t get Rich off a salary
  • 2. Inflation Steals your wealth, so invest
  • 3. Buy Assets, not liabilities
  • 4. Never spend more than you make
  • 5. Pay yourself first
  • 6. Compound interest works wonders

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