6 things that distract you from getting rich

What does it take to be rich? What is the magic formula? Is there any? You ought to understand that knowing how to spend money is not enough. You must know how to make money and make it your employee.

However, there are things that we allow to be an obstacle towards our goal to being rich. Every person must make a personal decision to be rich as well as a strategy to achieve this goal. Your relationship with money determines whether you want to be rich or not.

alt=6 things that distract you from getting rich
6 things that distract you from getting rich

Why do you have to decide to be rich and set up a strategy for it? Because you can’t become rich by accident. It’s a journey that needs a plan and a strategy. But this plan and strategy will demand that you let go of your daily habits that may be an enemy to progress.

1. Too much Netflix

If you are guilty of too much Netflix, there are high chances that you will only achieve less or none financial freedom.

You’ll only achieve the average. The Time you are investing in watching Netflix should be devoted to something productive.

2. Overthinking

There are people who are professionals at overthinking. This sickness distract a person from becoming rich because you’re thinking excessively on what you have no control of many times.

Your mind will end up agreeing with your fears and before you know it, you won’t be able to work towards becoming rich.

3. Waiting for the right time

This excuse is the daily bread of lazy People. They have all the reasons in the world why the present isn’t the right time.

Be careful – some of these reasons are reasonable but are just an excuse. The now is all we have. Tomorrow is unknown and not guaranteed. So why procrastinate?

4. Not enough rest

Overworking yourself in the name of attaining riches is being unfair to yourself. Work hard but don’t overwork yourself.

Keep your body healthy at all times by giving it enough rest. A healthy body can achieve much.

5. Playing too much video games

I can’t believe we still have adults who play video games every day. Really? Unless you have become rich and have all the time in the world, playing video games is a perfect time waster.

6. Staying in the comfort zone

Haven’t you heard? Comfort is the enemy of progress. In comfort there’s no growth. In comfort, there’s only average if not zero success.

Only those who challenge themselves by going against their fears and limitations achieve great things. Not those who conform to the status quo and the dictates of their comfort zone.

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