A Mafia tells his tale

alt=a mafia tells his tale
the mafia speaks

I’m unknown in the universe of the blues. I hustle with my claws and toil with my feet. I have married a new sun, the desert is my ex and weeping is the grave – I am the Mafia of this game, the game of striving to be the best striker on the field of life.

Don’t remind me of the gone tales, I have buried them and I press toward the unknown hidden in the elegant paradise – a world of my own smile. I live not to impress but to express my inner gold which was once sold by the enemy.The kisses of my wisdom reflect the pieces of piles and tiles of my make-up, I have managed to separate the under from the asunder – this is my bible of livelihood. l am a mafia in my own right.

I have conquered the plagues of lazy plugs, who loved to pray that I become a prey but their gales have become my girls for my fortune sales. I own many suites but not suitable enough to suit every occasion; my calling is sizzling and it won’t stop dazzling.My part is to dress the start, make sure I do my best to pass every test. They have always hated my guts to avoid the buts so that I can have the last bite.

alt=the mafia speaks
He is a man of action

All the trash has melted on my mesh and I’m looking forward to nail the match.Don’t compare yourself to the purity of mine, I’ve been investing in myself since the age of nine – there’s a sign in my every dine.
It’s not partial that I am the special kid in town, no one can tow my mood down. I only eat the neat, I carefully observe the lit and capitalize against the pit.Within me resides a palace, so spacious than Dallas yet tense enough to firm my fence. All along, I’ve been eating the loner pies, now I have turned my lies into tries hence the enemies are near to fear my rise. I am a mafia in my own right.

I’m not a fan of gin but I love a fancy jean to keep my gene intact. My journey has not been milky but I have managed to make every moment silky for the sake of the butter that I promise to attain on my data.The reaping of my fruits is unfolding and so is the ripping of my giants. By the way, I’m married to a beautiful Stacy, hence I’m sexy and always  tasty. Every doll desires to be me and every tall men is a toll of my soul – yes, I’m not rain but I will reign. l am a mafia in my own right.

Let my foes live long so that they can tell my tale of pearl, which they tried to demolish but became an admonish. The man above has saved me, that’s why I served my term when it was my turn.The race is about peas but I can’t be squeeze lest I gain a tease. To arrive here, I had to chew a lot of stew, some was bitter and some had a glitter but I survived it all because I gave it my all.

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