Can cheating ever be a mistake?

Cheating has become a serious problems in relationships. It can cause lost of trust between partners and dissolve the bond between the two.

Why do people cheat? Well, there are many reasons and most of these are not justifiable and reasonable. The greatest tragedy is when the person who cheated doesn’t want to take responsibility but rather throws the blame on someone or something else.

We need to clear some air here. To cheat or not is a choice, just as you choose to wake up in the morning, take a bath and go to work. Don’t say you were overcome by temptation, because it’s you who gave in to the temptation. You had the ability to overcome.

Others blame the devil. The devil just suggested and you fell for his suggestion to cheat on your partner. Some say it was a mistake: there’s no such thing.

A Twitter user recently posted a profound statement regarding cheating. She said that the cheating process is too long to be called a mistake. She has a point. Tweeps replied to this comment with some arguing in agreement and disagreement with the post. This is what they said:

Alt=twitter comment
Alt=twitter comment
Alt=twitter comment

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