Covid-19: a curse or blessing?

alt=covid-19: a curse or blessing
covid-19: a curse or blessing

Covid-19: a curse or blessing? Once upon a time, the world became subject to oppression. The leaders were tested of their leadership calibre, the health sector trembled in fear while fellow citizens were locked in hopeless cells of lock downs.

What had happened? A monster had terrorised the earth and threatened to turn all things into ruins until no flesh would be left breathing. One by one, the fellow citizens followed the monster’s decree of grave unwillingly.

The monster was winning. He had everything under control and things were going according to plan for him. Young and old, their breaths were stolen from them by the novel coronavirus.

From one by one to multitude, the monster kept on scoring and the referee could only watch. Cases increased by day sending waves of panic across the universe. Songs of hopelessness paraphrased the yards of fellow citizens.

Despite the monster’s terror, sentiments and tears of anguish kept on knocking on the Almighty’s door daily. Not that he was surprised. He had permitted the monster’s temporary dominance after all.

The worst case: there was no cure. Hence the monster bagged all the initial victories. But as the days paged as usual, we saw the Almighty answering the knock of their tears on his door.

alt=covid-19: a curse or blessing
covid-19: a curse or blessing

The monster, covid-19 was petrified. Suddenly he couldn’t see his weapons anymore. His eyes were shut and though he kept on shooting, his bullets lost impact. We saw the angels of healing and recovery turning their eyes of mercy on fellow citizens whose cheeks were painted with dried tears.

We saw the monster taking a few steps backwards and randomly speeding to nowhere seeking for a cave to conceal his obvious defeat. Unfortunately, the monster had no army to back him and that’s why his cry of agony became an object of laughter to the masses.

The monster’s reign was slowly minimising and even his throne was bleeding the grave. His poison turned him into a rugged dog with no teeth and a condemned curse unworthy to dine in hell.

The fellow citizens wiped their tears. Jubilee suddenly danced on their faces. Banners of victory drummed aloud. The monster had fallen. For good. What a moment to treasure!

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