Does it take money to make money?

alt=does it take money to make money?
does it take money to make money?

We all want financial freedom. Our beliefs about money always affect our relationship with money. What money means to me may be different from what it means to you. People who don’t respect money are always crying for lacking money and when they have it, they abuse it.

Financial crisis doesn’t just happen out of nowhere, there must be a cause. The tragedy overt in this era is having people who believe that it takes money to make money. As a result, we have people who are sitting on their potential and are afraid to utilize it because they have no money.

If it takes money to make money, that means rich people wouldn’t be rich as they’re now. People who believe that it takes money to make money view money as a goal and not as a tool. This comes back to what we said earlier: what money means to you.

If money and more money is your ultimate goal or a beacon of success and achievement, you may be having the correct belief but it’s only deception. Financial freedom should be your goal, not necessarily having more money.

You might be surprised to know that you might be having more money in the bank than the famous billionaires on Forbes right now. But why do they remain on that list? Their money is working for them not the other way around.

But do you need money to make money? Absolutely not. Money is not the beginning. Vision is. Money is a tool, a currency created as a necessity and as the inevitable outcome of a productive vision and goal.

As a result of this vision, a poverty stricken man finds himself a millionaire because he pursued the vision initially and money followed. Money follows vision. That means you and I should be chasing vision and not money.

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