Hail to the achievers

Allow me to pour my hail,
Permit me to pass my salute buttons,
Receive all crowns of congrats,
Take your well-deserving applaud of cheers,
You, the makers of history, the masters of revolution.

Take your stand upon the alter,
Embed yourself with fine linen garment,
Smile all the way to the stage of honour,
You, my dear mothers and fathers of the soil,
Who endured curse for the smiles of your offspring.

Drum roll, drum roll,
Roll the red carpet for them,
Shine their shoes as they walk,
Them, who shunned pleasure for the prize of academic excellence,
Them, who divorced laziness for wealth creation of our kingdom

Whistles, dances of glad to him and her,
Who turned blind to their bitter history,
In order to make a dazzling today,
Hugs and kisses to the fellow alien,
Who left his perishing yard,
To create a fruitful vineyard for his starving generation.

Hail to the hell quenchers,
Who discover oasis in deserts,
Salute to rainmakers,
Who water the rejected land of our breath,
Cheers, congrats, well done!

by blessing mhlanga. 1 July 202

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