Here’s why democracy sucks!

Alt=Here's why democracy sucks!
Here’s why democracy sucks!

Does democracy really work? Year after year we see new leaders emerging with their own political agendas. Others rebel against their political parties and resort to starting their own parties.

Even after voting for their leaders, citizens from time to time find themselves feeding on empty promises made by these politicians and often flood the streets with banners and posters that demand their government to fulfil their promises.

What happened? Where is democracy? Does democracy really work? The politician has looted all the money meant for service delivery and chosen to sponsor his greedy stomach instead.

Despite marching to the union buildings now and again, change rarely manifests. Why? Because the current system of democracy doesn’t work. Why do we have to vote for a political party and not a leader of our choice who’s independent from a political party?

We need to change the system to the one where you don’t need to vote for a particular political party in order to choose a leader. There are great leaders among ourselves but the current system of democracy doesn’t allow them to reach the throne.

For instance, if I choose to become a politician with hopes of becoming a president one day, I’ll have to join a political party or create one. The ladder to my throne may be difficult to climb and rarely ideal enough for me to become a president.

If you join a political party and that party is controversial for corruption scandals, you’ll be deemed guilty because of your Association with the party regardless of your innocence.

The party itself will do everything in its power to continue its patriarch domination and it’s always difficult to vote them out of power. If there are corrupt individuals or policies within the party, they conceal them in an attempt to protect the so called integrity of their party.

However, if we have a system where citizens can vote for a leader of their choice and not a political party, then it’s easy for citizens to vote them out of power.


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