Is Feminism demonic?

alt=what do feminists advocate for?
what do feminists advocate for?

The topic of feminism has taken the world by storm and many are beginning to embrace it. It’s women’s month and this topic deserves to blaze at discussion tables of the universe.

But before we get excited, we need to go back to the basics and analyse what we’re embracing. What is feminism and what does it mean to be a feminist? How do we address this concept in relation to culture? Is Feminism an opposite of patriarchy?

Was author Chimamanda right when she said we should all be feminists? Let’s slow down a bit. It’s paramount to remember that whenever emotions rise, intelligence decreases.

I appreciate this definition of feminism: the advocacy for women’s rights, equality and effort to diminish the discrimination, abuse and sabotage of women.

alt=men are trash? really?
men are trash? really?

The definition above may differ to your definition. The problem comes when some people, particularly women use feminism as a tool to disrespect and undermine men. They have lost the main purpose of feminism.

Some use feminism to generalize negative terminologies against men in order to fulfill selfish agendas. Women deserve to be treated equally as men and they must be given fair access to the same opportunities as men.

We need to realize that for the world to achieve the equality and fair treatment of women isn’t by hating, fighting, insulting and disrespecting men. It is only by collaboration and collective effort. If you say all men are trash, you might harden men’s hearts from responding or adhering to the call of the fight against gender based violence, and anti-feminism.

If a man abuses a woman and the woman refuses to leave the relationship for foolish reasons known or unknown, she becomes a volunteer for the abuse. She chose to stay instead of leaving so that she can be a warrior and not a victim.

alt=fighting violence against women doesn't mean seeing all men as enemies
fighting violence against women doesn’t mean seeing all men as enemies

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