It’s your time to taste success

So there you sit, yawning and barking without pushing against the current in order to eat the gold of the game. Do you think this world owes you anything? Time has come for you to shut your pits and dig up an oasis. It’s time to feast on the juices of success!

Are you not tired of slaving for worthless penny? The dust of the universe has been cursing your belly with tasteless saliva and you have been accepting it – why the hell? For years you have slept in the desert of fruitless labour hoping that your luck will save you. Success is not an offspring of luck.

Wake Up! There’s no luck that will butter you with chains of glamour. You have to create your own glamour. Grease your claws with pure mortar and slay your giants of mediocrity. Don’t you see that the world is craving for the diamonds of potential hidden in you? Why have you turned success into a cyclical woe?

You sit there nursing your woes and caressing your river of tears. When are you going to divorce your inner Ghosts and past demons? Sulking doesn’t suit your visage. There’s a river beyond your exile and you ought to get there to dine with your angels. Stop making success a mirage!

You have declared the rocks as your daily bread and butter. It’s time to reverse the decree and grab the garments of your shine. Why have you invited the songs of defeat to dance on your yard? Stop bathing yourself in the pool of insanity, you can’t continue cementing your footsteps of lamentations!

Look, the palace is ready to accomodate your glory. Pay attention, applause is drumming for your rise. Angels are already blowing kisses at you. Climb the ladder, crawl your way to the mountain top, dazzle the sky and colour the universe.

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