One thing most people regret while on their deathbed

If you think you’re being clever by running away from yourself and from reality, wait until you’re on the deathbed. Your eyes Will be opened and the raw meaning of life stands on your face.

For the first time you realise that you wasted your years on vanity and temporary pleasures of this world. You begin to see what is truly important in life and what is not. Unfortunately for many, it will be too late to do anything about it because death will be ready to claim your soul.

Tears flood your face and heart wishing you had done things differently wishing to undo the done. We are created to accomplish something here on earth. Everyone can succeed in the area of their calling, but why is it that only a few are succeeding?

Age is just a number. Life begins at 40: who told you? What if you don’t reach that 40 year mark? Are you in control of your breath? Do you know how many years you are left with now in this world? It’s time to rectify your attitude and correct your errors.

It’s been alleged that common regret most people have on their deathbed is not having taken many more risk to achieve greatness. They realise that they could have done more and achieved much more greater things than the little they accomplished.

It’s only on their deathbed that they lament: “If only I knew. I could have…” They see that all their life they lived just to gain a false sense of comfort and safety, which ain’t enough to sustain their own legacy because there’s no legacy at all.

If they knew that this was the reality, they could have explored, experimented, Invested, learnt more, tried harder, and did so many things that could bring a smile on their faces as they lie on the deathbed. Don’t be like them. Choose to be different!


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