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So we keep searching a mirage despite knowing that the world doesn’t care about who you are and where you come from. Nobody cares about your story until you win. Now and again, we strive to make the outward persona as glamorous as possible without crowning the inner person with the bliss he/she deserves.

People’s lives are roaming on the streets like headless chickens, seeking what is not known and what cannot be found by the arms of flesh. our feet tend to lead us to where we shouldn’t be in the name of finding the beads of fulfillment and tags of outrageous pleasure.

Why should we pretend to smile against our woes when we know we’re wounded? Why should we dance with angels of glamour when filth is still the master of the yard? Perhaps we need to ponder the weight of our breaths and salute how fragile they are, but without shunning the glimpse of colorful possibilities. Maybe it’s time for us to return to the path of true human charisma, one without traits and dents of tainted innocence. Why have we allowed the badges of insanity to decorate our yards?

We have chosen to divorce the genuine heart beats of our existence because of our zeal to look the part and feast the party. Suddenly, the oxygen we inhale isn’t enough to shape tender palaces for our children or establish mines of solid fortunes. Something terrible has happened. We have done injustice to our undiluted livelihoods. We have robbed ourselves of the freedom that we alone can acquire. The songs of fleshy, juicy but cunning pursuits still play in the background, promising us a non-existent heaven yet we fall for the trap.

Do we need an angel to kiss our woes goodbye? Do we need a master to blow winds of rescue on us? No. Definitely not. We need to return to the path of truthful tales that molded our innocence and furnished our shame with garments of purity. We need to return to the ring of battles, battles that we shunned to pursue deceptive elegance of mother earth.

We need to return to our sober state and peruse how much sorrow we have drank as a result of our nonsensical ignorance. We need to search for the divine and dine with him for as long as life endures. Begin your search for the divine now by purchasing your copy of searching for the divine – a compilation of ten English poems aimed at reconnecting you to your world of bliss and serenity.

What readers are saying:

:1. Mthulisi Sibanda (South Africa):

“Lovely (poetry) novel. I really enjoyed reading this book. Although, it’s not a novel it qualifies to be one because the poems are spiritually uplifting. The poems are packed with words of wisdom and I would definitely recommend this book to the youth as it channels you to be wise.”

2. Rethabile Modibedi: (South Africa)

“These poems are an interesting read. For better understanding, the style of writing needs you to know the figures of speech. I highly recommend the book as I found that there’s a poem each person will be able to relate to on a personal level. So there’s definitely something for everyone.”

3. Cynthia Moretlwe: (South Africa)

“My favourite poem from the collection is definitely number 10: The struggles against the shadows; because it’s simple, easy to understand and puts me in that position of having a conversation with myself. I would really recommend others to buy this book because the content is different from other poetry collections we have read. Figures of speech were used correctly, the grammar was well put together and I really enjoyed myself (while reading.)”

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searching for the divine book cover

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