Should parents choose careers for their children?

alt=should parents choose careers for their children?
should parents choose careers for their children?

Every person was born for greatness. No person was created to be useless and mediocre. It’s only our choices that lead us otherwise. Our greatness will never be the same and that’s why comparison and envy is not necessary.

Some children are gifted singers, some are talented artists while others are meant to be entrepreneurs. Never criticize a child’s dream because you are posing as an enemy to progress.

Why do we have hopeless children who don’t know what to do with their life and without direction? There are possibilities that they pursued a career which their parents pressure them to. Never choose a career for your child. You are wasting their time and your money.

It’s sad to realize that there are parents who want to live their dreams through their children. By this I mean, the parent may have wanted to be a doctor but since they failed due to circumstances beyond their control, they force or influence their child to study medicine.

You can force your child to study medicine but there are high chances that they’ll drop out. If they don’t, they’ll hide the qualification under the bed without making use of it. Even if they try to get a job in the field of study you forced them to take, they won’t succeed. Why? Simply because it’s not what your child was created to do.

The role of a parent should be to support the child’s chosen career path. However you have a right to suggest a career or career options without sounding pushy. If the child’s career choice is senseless or bizarre, don’t be quick to criticize it but be moderate, objective and compassionate in your advice.

I have seen parents denying their children to pursue a certain career because the career sounds modern, technical and scientific. Find out what influenced your child to choose this career. If the child has been influenced by friends, then we have a problem.

Careers are chosen individually based on one’s personality and character. The character should match the career and you can notice this by examining the behavior of the child. If your is a quiet nerd, Always reading and asking questions – this child may be heading towards becoming a detective, lawyer or author.

Whichever career a child chooses and it’s truly what the child was created for, they’ll succeed and be great in it.

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