Should you pay dating allowance?

alt=love doesn't pay the bills hey
love doesn’t pay the bills hey

Dating allowance is the new allowance in town. There’s a debate around money and dating. Some are saying dating requires money and they would never date a broke guy. Others are saying paying a boyfriend/girlfriend allowance to your partner regularly is appropriate.

Clearly, there are people who want to capitalise financially on someone’s child. Let’s say, both partners are wealthy, will there be a need to pay this dating allowance? Don’t think so.

Paying boyfriend/girlfriend allowance comes from a mentality of lack and poverty. It makes love a business transaction. It’s toxic to the relationship and gives the allowance payer some form of control over you. Why? Because money on its own is power.

By paying this dating allowance, are you paying your partner for loving you? Is there really an adequate price for love? How is that different from a transactional relationship between a blesser and blessee?

alt=when did a relationship a business transaction?
when did a relationship become a business transaction?

It’s not worth it to pay boyfriend/girlfriend allowance because you’re not married yet. What if this person decides to dump you after you have spent a million rand on them? Yeah, this is why some women remain in abusive relationships and end up victims of gender based violence.

It’s ok to give your boyfriend or girlfriend some money once in a while but it shouldn’t be a regular pattern because you will be creating a ladder that you won’t be able to climb. It’s even dangerous to buy anything such as property, vehicle, cell phone etc collectively while you’re still dating. The end isn’t always sweet.

If you’re dating with an expectation of receiving a boyfriend or girlfriend allowance, you must be ashamed. Make your own money. Don’t expect someone’s child to sponsor you because you are dating them. That’s being wicked! Dating allowance must fall!

alt=money shouldn't be the center of a relationship.
money shouldn’t be the center of a relationship.

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