Sugars turn to salt. The sandy waves have landed,

Politics of thunderous fate emerge,

Salty waters dance on your door,

Your jaw drops to the bitter floor,

You stammer and lament,

Yet you forget that there’s still some honey in the storm.

Gashing and gnashing,

There you go again with your hopeless drama,

Characters of dark tales dominate your stage,

Dams of faithless songs construct their existence,

Ears of near defeats awake and mature,

Plagued destinies begin to unfold in your eyes,

Stand still – you can still taste the sugars.

Mountains roar and mount scandals about you,

Hills may proclaim your fall to the masses,

Birds may spread your filth like a virus,

Winds may blow the saint in your marrows,

The sun may tan your skins of glamorous endeavors,

Inhale your peace and look to the father of angels.

March your feet with polished vigor,

Divorce the alcohols of revenge tactics,

Arrest the suspects of possible resentment,

Comb the beard of the divine,

Cherish your stylish images,

Honor your golden soul.

Choose to marry the angel of fidelity,

Walk with her to through the paths of furious wars,

Hold his hand as you face the demon of terror,

Cling to his armored garment of undisputed victory,

Pour your tears into his palms,

Cast your poems of fear upon her shoulders,

Then, you will taste the sugars of your wish.

This poem has been take from the poetry book: Searching for the divine by Blessing Mhlanga. It’s a collection of 10 English poems crafted to soothe away your woes and ignite your world of bliss. The book is available in ebook and hardcopy. For orders: 064 689 0372.

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