Upcoming actress and model, Kwenzekile Vilakazi on a quest to build an empire

Twenty seven years ago, the scenic soils of Vryhaid in KwaZulu Natal gave rise to a lady of caliber and lent her their resilience and exceptional charisma coupled by chocolate dark skin that makes the angels of Africa irresistibly jealous.

They named her Kwenzekile Vilakazi, who went on defeating the demons of losing her parents when she was young and leading her to dine in the arms of her grandmother as her guardian. She defines herself as fun, crazy and confident, and this is the story of her life.

Today, upcoming actress and fitness model Kwenzekile has her grandmother to thank for the solid woman she is which she solely doubts she would’ve become if her parents were still alive. Her grandmother, she says, made her the woman she is today.

“Being raised up by my grandmother made me a strong woman I am today. Now I can face challenges head on even though it may not be easy.”

Kwenzekile Vilakazi

What sets her apart is her exquisite voice that complements her charm of confidence capable of grabbing the mighty fellows’ attention for ages, yet she’s still an African child who’s on a road to establish her own revolution, subsequently making her grandmother proud.

The rising star acknowledges how the teeth of fear almost chewed off her identity and ultimately her future through her love for playing soccer and acting while she was young – a desire that others found bizarre.

“I used to be afraid of myself and I feared men as well. I was afraid of being called a lesbian and that men could do or say anything harmful to a woman. Going to the gym helped me find myself.”

Kwenzekile Vilakazi

Her career took a professional ascension when she came to Johannesburg in 2014 where she attended countless auditions, bagging roles as an extra and eventually landing a role on SABC 1’s reality series, Now or Never. Knowing the salty glitches of the entertainment industry, she headed to Market Theatre in 2018 where she studied performance art.

Miss Vilakazi brags about her confidence which she explicitly attributes to her tough but necessary upbringing and her willingness to accept the unchangeable while pursuing what is reachable in her world. It seems this also birthed in her an independent spirit of which she confesses to be the reason why most of her friends are male which makes her slightly anti-friendly.

“When I have problems I go to church and pray or talk to my grandmother since I have a lot of male friends which I may not discuss some of my issues with. I believe that engaging my friends with my problems isn’t good idea.”

Kwenzekile Vilakazi

With regards to her grandmother, Kwenzekile isn’t shy from idolizing her as her role model. She recalls some time in her past when they had to sleep without food because her grandmother wouldn’t have sold anything from her vetkoek trade. Her grandmother would assure her that such situations would never be permanent and thus survived this predicament. 

Her career has taken temporary halt resulting in her resorting to a full time job which she confesses to dislike but necessary to pay her bills and support her grandmother. While she’s busy developing her brand as an actress and model with hopes of finding a genuine agent, Kwenzekile has big dreams of working with veterans of the entertainment industry including John Kani, Basetsana Kumalo, Connie Ferguson, Bonang Matheba and Nigeria’s own Mercy Johnson.

She finds the idea of women depending on men for financial security “stupid” and points this as the source of gender based violence in South Africa. She urges women to be independent and strive to create their own empires instead of giving their power to an abusive man.

“In some circumstances, it’s women who invite and allow men to abuse them. By getting yourself a rich boyfriend with hopes of financial security, you’re saying without him you are nothing and most of the times, the abusers capitalizes on such advantage.”

Kwenzekile Vilakazi

The star reveals that if she had super powers, she would permanently eliminate the discrimination of Africans by another as its working against us. She has no time for haters and she turns deaf to songs of negativity against her because she seemingly has a crucial pursuit to write in the history books such as making sure that her children taste the glitz and glamour of life that she never experienced.

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