We are young and Unstoppable

alt=young and unstoppable
young and unstoppable

We are tired. We have had enough. Enough of the enslaving societal norms, enough of religions of hypocrisy, politics of boring rules, sermons of deceptive dos and don’ts. We are young. We are creative. We are pleasure seekers, lovers of bliss and fans of freedom. Freedom to run like there’s no falling, to swim as if there’s no drowning, to dance like headless demons, laugh until our ribs feel the pain, smile until the sun falls to the ground, and get all wild as if there’s no tomorrow. We are young and unstoppable.

This is who we are. We are sons and daughters of the 21st century. We dare the fires with courageous emotions just to get our world in motion. We are the masters of our own heaven and we don’t take no for an answer. The sky fears us because we usually cause earthquakes when we express the glitz and glamour of our identities. To hell with old school rules, we are here redefine the magic of life by embodying it fleshy trends and steamy hashtags. All we want is to rewrite the chapters of history with exciting inks and revolutionary cultures. When we walk, the ground always applauds because it can’t resist our dazzling fashion beads marked by skinny jeans and happy sox.

alt=If it's not sexy, it's not part of us.
If it’s not sexy, it’s not part of us.

We are not scared of attention – it’s not our fault that we are charming, cool, irresistible and undeniably angels of impeccable vibes. The moon is a witness to the footsteps of our courage at night and the sun has failed many times to contemplate the colours of our worth. We are not ignorant and neither are we stupid – we just have our own seamless and mind blowing understanding of this game of life. Our fingerprints are pregnant of juicy stories we are yet to tell and palaces we are yet to build. We are young and unstoppable.

alt=dare to stop us
dare to stop us

Sexy is a compulsory principle in our world and hence we make sure that our outfits reveal our flawless skin, golden complexion and vivid smiles. We are not satisfied with ordinary – we are not fulfilled with average. We will pay any price to explode the colors of our rainbow and explore the adventures of our sovereignty. If the golden culture of our persona is not recognized, we will create our own universe, with angels that will paint the walls with scenic imagery of our auras. Lights, camera and action – we’re the heroes of our own spotlight and you can feel the energy of our existence. We are young and unstoppable.

We are not rude; we are just apologetically firm of who we are and what we stand for.Music; our music inspires us to burn the dance floor with glossy moves that marvel the gods of time. You can feel the fires of our hairs eliminating the nightmares of load-shedding, cancelling the flights of hell in the news, divorcing the norms of injustice, diminishing the sex of poverty and igniting the lights of sober movements. We are not scared of failure; we are ready to walk the mile and fly the height to grab the bigger prize. You can ask the clouds and they’ll tell you how our beautiful faces chased away the devil from the garden of sanctity and how our muscles, lipsticks and haircuts defeated the hands of insecurity and gods of fear.

We have appetising tongues and we won’t taste anything that doesn’t glorify luxury, top class and super-stunning standard. Our lifestyle remains authentic without falling short of the bling, the colourful sneakers, soothing chocolates, cultural blends and exhilarating fusions which make our charisma epic. We are here to shine and shyness is our enemy. We are the untouchable because we walk on water, keeping our eyes of fire on the dazzle of our promising tomorrow.Our adventures include sipping holy ice cold beers, gracing the beaches with moonwalks, kissing under a stunning setting sun, making love under the umbrella of innocent stars and finding treasures in the fancy forests of our land. We are young and unstoppable.

alt=our lifestyle is a revolution

We feast with the exceptional, we idolize the professional, and we got no respect for the conditional. We are birds who need no wings to fly because our veins and marrows are polished with priceless potential unstoppable as mighty storms, as a merciless gale and as furious whirlwind. We are here to leave a mark, to make the history books jealous of our endless victory stories manufactured in the heavenly factory and blossoming even without a battery. We will not settle for less; it’s either we go big or we kiss a pig. There’s no room for criticism in our playground – we are wild creatures with amazing self-control and we are keen to break any systematic boundary.

For years now, the world has crucified us with nails of criticism, shooting us with bullets of condemnation, hugging us with poisons of betrayal, kissing us with lips of hatred – seeking to eliminate our emerging revolution, our culture of daring vibes and intimidating personas. They called us sons and daughters of laziness, stubborn rebels, dogs of irresponsibility and spoon fed – spoiled brats. Oh, how we laugh at such sentiments! We drink cheers to their wrath. They don’t understand us and neither do they understand our unique lifestyle.

alt=freedom defines our adventure
freedom defines our adventure

We seek no acceptance because it is enough that we have accepted ourselves. We seek no applause because the moon and sun have applauded our efforts. We seek no rewards and awards because the Almighty has given us these. We seek no honor because it is an inevitable result of our culture. Whether you are with us or against us, the heat is on, the journey has begun, the movement is ascending, the culture is skyrocketing and the lifestyle is blossoming. We will not stop and we will not be stopped. Not by the suits of greedy politicians nor by the bribes of corrupt office angels.

This world isn’t enough for us to unleash our zeal hence we’re always discovering, searching and pursuing new and extra-ordinary ventures, keeping our bold foreheads on the breasts of the clouds and fixing our curious eyes on the divine wine. We will not be silent, we will speak our minds; disclose our hearts, spit the truth and vomit the deceit. We want to live life to the fullest, we want to mingle and tingle. We want to feel the showers and climb the towers. We are young &we dare you to stop us!

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